About Us

Great Elm Physick Garden is an organic skincare maker in Frome, Somerset. We -  two mothers, one a medical herbalist, the other a children's rights campaigner - started it in 2005.

As a company we want to make a difference, not simply to people's skin but - if it doesn't sound too pompous - to people's lives. It's all about good health and environmental responsibility.

Your skin is your body's primary protection, an extraordinary layer which battles daily  with the destructive forces of climate, pollution, stress and ageing. We  use our knowledge of English country garden herbs to make simple,  effective and delicious preparations that are designed to nurture your  skin, not pickle it.

We do not make exaggerated claims about our products. They are quite simply good healthy food for your skin.  We are absolutely open about what is in each one. Please look at the listings and labels for full disclosure. We believe in using the best ingredients and giving our best.

Our current consultant Medical Herbalist is a member of The College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy