Handy Pair


Hands have to do the hard work that other parts simply can't tackle. So give them attention, a bit of Great Elm love and see fast results.



'I didn't believe that a hand cream could work so quickly. And that salve is beautiful, never mind versatile. Just really good. Really good.' Elizabeth B., Ashton.


You expect hands to go on and on with barely a thought. And then, one day, they rebel. The skin starts to trouble you with dry, flaky patches or itchiness, cracking around the nails, soreness, rashes. Let Great Elm offer a little respite and revive them!

Firstly, massage a small amount of salve all over your hands, giving particular attention to the nails and cuticles, and, of course, to the cracks and any hang-nails. The salve contains super-nourishing nut oils and healing lavender or anti-inflammatory bay leaf so you will feel some immediate relief.

Then pop on a modest slather of hand cream to calm your skin further with more herbs and good food: deep-down nurture. It will take about five minutes for this combination to skin into the skin – so please be a little patient and allow it to do its work.

Try it for a week and feel the difference. After that, you won't be happy with anything else!

The hand cream is very quickly absorbed. You won't find it sticky and greasy but you will find it effective.

The salve takes a little more time but it's worth it. It is very rich and healing and you'll be surprised at how versatile it can be: try it on lips, knees, heels ...




CONTENTS: Geranium & Apricot Handcream (50ml) with Lavender Oil Salve (50ml) 

OR Marjoram & Almond Nutritious Handcream (50ml); with Sweet Bay Oil Salve (50m)

Packed in a pretty card bag printed with hearts approx 16cm x 9cm x 4cm


Physick: from the Greek meaning ‘the use and knowledge of nature’.


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