Happier Hands Treatment Kit


When your hands are very hard-done-by they need skin and nail therapy par excellence, Great Elm comes to the rescue!


'I'm a painter so my hands get a lot of wear and tear and this has made them bearable again. They actually feel quite soft and don't feel that horrible dry stiffness any longer.' Anna G., Altrincham.


Perfect for anyone who works with their hands or where constant hand-washing is mandatory.

Great Elm's treatment kit contains soothing herbal wonders, with plenty of gently effective, skin-friendly - AND anti-bacterial - plant extracts. Herby hand wash, brilliantly nourishing hand cream and the magical Lavender Oil Salve.

Rosemary & Soapwort handwash is based on soapwort, the herb the ancients used daily for skin, hair and clothing. It's a deep-cleansing gentle worker that gets to grips with the worst grime. It is blended with healthy nut oil to nourish and nurture your hands, so that you are not left with dry, tight skin.

Top-selling Geranium & Apricot handcream which - apart from having a totally divine aroma - is packed with healing, nourishing herbs, apricot kernel oil to soften and soothe.

All-purpose wonder-balm Lavender Oil Salve! Seriously effective for dealing with dry, damaged nails and crusty cuticles; perfect for use as a barrier on those really cold days, or hard-working days; or an extra ration of food for nurture-starved hands. Or simply when you feel like it! You can also use it fo minor burns, itches, bites, dry patches on your elbows or feet; lips, slight rashes, babies' bottoms... Oh, yes, when you have a headache, rub a little on your temples and massage slowly in circles. Yup, this really is all-purpose!

And a natural bristle nail brush to help with those stubborn, difficult bits.

Made by hand at our Somerset workshop with tradional organic ingredients from the English country garden. 





Rosemary & Soapwort Handwash (200ml); Geranium & Almond intensive handcream (50ml); Lavender Oil Salve (50ml); double-sided natural bristle nailbrush. Packed in a re-useable box.


Physick: the use and knowledge of nature.

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