Twinkle Toes


Feet are important. They support us daily. They get us from A to B - and we tend to ignore them!  Let Great Elm help you to appreciate them.



'I love these little guys, little buys! Great gift for teachers or nurses without ruining you pocket - or for yourself.' Jenn F., Cardiff.


A fantastically soothing, healing pair of foot comforters. One is the Foot Scrub, made with Epsom Salts, herbs and oil, to give your feet a thorough deep-clean treatment, which will soften hard skin and condition your toe nails. The other is the Foot Soak, a mix of anti-pain, anti-rheumatic herbs that will help with aches and pains - and fill the room with a gorgeous aroma too.  

Together these will work wonders for your put-upon feet.

To give them a treat, you will need a spare half hour; a comfortable seat, a soft towel and a bowl large enough to accommodate your feet. Then it’s as easy as one, two, three.

One. Great Elm Physick Garden’s treatment starts with an earthy-looking but heavenly Sage & Salt Scrub.  Cleanse your sole(s).

 Two.  Open the Parsley & Thyme Foot Soak.  Make a goodly brew with   the dry herb blend. Sit back and soak feet for 10-15 minutes.  Bliss.




Gift contains:  Sage & Salt Scrub (50ml glass jar); Parsley & Thyme Foot Soak  (50ml glass jar) in an attractive embossed white card box (approx 15cm x 10 cms x 5cm)

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