Juniper & Soapwort Gentle Cleanser - deep cleansing for oily skin


Deep acting cleanser with purifying herbs for oily/acne-prone skin



 'I wanted to say a huge thank you for   your products. I have continuously had a struggle with my skin for the  past 10 years and have tried all sorts of different routes and nothing has helped until I was given a bottle of Juniper cleanser and toner.  Your products have  given me so much confidence in the past few weeks and I cannot thank  you  enough. I have gone from never wanting to take my make up off  because  of what was hidden beneath to wanting to show my skin off to  everyone! Thank you once again for  giving me  some confidence.'  Sophie H, Cambridge.


Oily skin, acne and spots can be tricky to manage so we have developed this excellent Juniper & Soapwort Gentle Cleanser.  It's great for teenagers and anyone with greasy or enlarged pores.

Oily  skin should not be over-stimulating by stripping it of all oil and  moisture: that just makes it over-react and produce more oil.

This  cleanser cleans gently and thoroughly with a naturally foamy action  aided by the classic cleaning agent, lavender, to clear and balance.

Like  all skin, oily skin needs feeding properly and - because it's tricky -  appropriately.  So we have chosen rapeseed oil which provides useful  anti-oxidant linoleic acid and Omega-3 fatty acids. It is a very light  stable oil that penetrates the skin quickly.

Juniper berry oil  is a whizz at clearing and calming the skin, and has excellent  antiseptic and astringent qualities.  It is also good at keeping bumps  at bay.

Our Juniper & Soapwort cleanser will do its job  beautifully it is simple, straightforward and effective. And has a very  pleasant fresh aroma.

This cleanser will do its job beautifully it is simple, straightforward and effective. And has a very pleasant fresh aroma.



METHOD: This can be used either as a liquid soap, applying about   5-10mls with the fingertips to face and neck, and rinsing off with warm   water. Or applied first to organic cottonwool and wiped over the face   and neck with gentle circular motion. Then clear the skin with Juniper   & Lemon Toner. Apply Camellia and Myrtle Intensive Face Care   afterwards.


INGREDIENTS: Aqua (water) infused with Saponaria officinalis  (soapwort); Lavendula augustifolia (lavender) hydrosol*; Brassica napus (rapeseed) oil; Rosa canina (rosehip) seed oil*; honey*; cetostearyl   alcohol and stearic acid (plant-based emulsifying waxes);  Naticide (plant-derived bacterial inhibitor); essential oils of Lavendula augustifolia (lavender)* and Juniperis communis (juniper berry)*.   *certified organic. NOTHING ELSE.


100ml glass bottle with aluminium cap.


Physick: from the Greek meaning ‘the use and knowledge of nature’.

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