Lavender Oil Salve for dry, cracked, irritated skin


All-purpose wonder-salve for dry, cracked, damaged skin. Great aid to skin repair. Anywhere. Anytime!



'This stuff is remarkable. I use it every night as a lip salve and then whenever I get a scratch or a bite or if my skin feels very dry.' Gene S., Scunthorpe.


The lavender has skin healing properties and is a mild antiseptic  the highly absorbent nut oils work to nourish and  nurture the skin.

This can be applied to all sorts of minor skin irritations, grazes, bites, slight rashes, sore lips, fingernails, even athlete's foot. It's splendid for baby's  bottoms too. Use it as a barrier against grime and scratches before you  start your tough gardening tasks - or any other mucky household chore.

Anything, in fact, for which you might have - in the past - used petroleum jelly. (Petroleum jelly is of course a mineral oil, does not   sink into the skin and will eventually act as a drying agent rather than   a moisturiser.)

We use vitamin rich apricot kernel and sweet almond oils, both known for their highly nutritious, deeply penetrating, skin-nurting qualities.

Lavender is famous for its healing powers, its antiseptic and pain-relieving qualities, alongside encouraging relaxation and sleepiness. It is one of the only essential oils that can be used undiluted and is well-known for treating minor burns.

Beeswax thickens this salve but it has many other benefits: it holds moisture and reduced dryness,  and forms a barrier that protects against the ravages of weather.


TREAT YOUR HANDS AND NAILS: This salve can be a great help to over-wrought hands that need particular attention. After thorough  cleansing with the English Gardener's Herbal Hand Cleanser, apply  especially to nails and knuckles. Then work some of the English  Gardener's Herbal Hand Cream into your hands. They will feel fabulous!



METHOD: massage into clean, dry, overworked hands as often as necessary.


INGREDIENTS: Prunus armeniaca (apricot kernel) oil*; Prunus amygdalus  (sweet almond) oil*; cera alba (beeswax)*; essential oil of Lavendula augustifolia (lavender)* which contains linalool.  * certified organic. NOTHING ELSE


50ml.jpgglass jar, aluminium lid


Physick: from the Greek meaning ‘the use and knowledge of nature’.

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