Starflower and Juniper 3-in-1 Shaving Oil AWARD WINNER


This is all you need! Shaving medium. Skin conditioner. Appealing aroma.



'My skin suffered dryness and bumps from shaving but that's not the case any more. My girlfriend bought some of this for me and it's been amazing.'  Mattie F., Gloucester


Starflower and Juniper Shaving Oil protects and moisturises to give the smoothest, totally pain-free shaving you have ever experienced - with no razor burn or ugly rash. And it
continues to nourish and condition your skin all day. It's ideal for sensitive skin.

This is the way the Romans shaved – and they knew a thing or two about shaving! We, though, have improved on their oils and have put together a rich blend of nourishing, anti-inflammatory oils resulting in the most effective, enjoyable shave ever.

With its skin conditioning benefits and subtle, sophisticated smell, there is no need to use anything more than this shaving medium - no aftershave, no moisturiser, no cologne.

Neither does our oil contain any nasty, skin-harming, unpleasant preservatives: it is kept fresh with nature’s own - the essential oils we use.

The totally clear formula allows you to see exactly where you’re shaving plus you will have around 40 shaves from one compact bottle.

Your face will be smooth, your skin rejuvenated. Might make you even more kissable! No wonder it won Green Parent magazine's BEST MEN'S FACIAL PRODUCT. 



METHOD: Wet skin with hot water. Massage 4-5 drops into beard, razor as usual. Rinse blade frequently. Rinse face well and pat dry. Leave residue oil to work its magic. Can be used with a razor or electric shaver.


INGREDIENTS: Calendula (marigold)-infused Prunus amagdylus (sweet almond) oil* Corylus avellana (hazelnut) oil* borago officinalis (starflower/borage)* oil, essential oils of Lippia citriodora (lemon verbena)*, Rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary)*, Juniperus communis (juniper)* and Laurus nobilis (sweet bay)*. NOTHING ELSE. *Certified organic


10ml glass roller-bottle/silver cap.


Tested only on Willing Human Beings


Physick: from the Greek meaning ‘the use and knowledge of nature’.

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